Preuss's red colobus




Preuss's red colobus monkey Procolobus preussi occurs only in SE Nigeria and SW Cameroon. In Nigeria the species is restricted to the rainforests of the Oban Division of Cross River National Park, along the border with Cameroon’s Korup National Park. Classified as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.





A relatively large and slow monkey, Preuss's red colobus monkey is particularly susceptible to hunting and is one of the most endangered primates in the region.





Law Enforcement and Protected Area Management.   There is little wildlife left in Nigeria today outside of protected areas, providing support to strengthen the management of these areas is the main focus of WCS in Nigeria. For unless we improve law enforcement within protected areas, and reduce levels of hunting, logging, livestock grazing and encroachment, wildlife will not survive in Nigeria.

Community Conservation.   WCS fully recognizes that it is essential to involve local people in conservation efforts to save endangered species.

Conservation Education and Raising Levels of Awareness   within local communities is essential for long-term success and a vitally important part of our work.

Alternative Livelihoods are promoted to reduce pressure on endangered species and the remaining forests.



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Country Director
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